the new rickshaw

finally the new rickshaw is ready to leave our yard at the Moos, my new home now for almost a year. Having followed it being built from the beginning, it is gorgeous to see what the boys are capable of. The rickshaw will be a new supersmall supermobile artgallerie for Lumas. hope to see it soon cruising the streets of Berlin.

time is flying, like the winged lizard

haha: while redoing the blog, i stumbled upon these two pictures probably made in 2007 at schlesisches Tor. It's Ben, Laura and I posing in the cold rain, whatever we wanted to do then, i can't even remember.

almost last century

Also some kind of cleaning up the attic. these pictures were part of a somewhat fast student session in Düsseldorf for a friend who did jewellery design and hence wanted me to shoot some plates of her fashion collection, maybe one or two years later I did another shoot for Uli Poelk and her jewellery collection.

Once you are up the attic, it's fantastic what you can find up there, long forgotten but nevertheless...

the Storm

two visitors ending up in a somewhat dusty liaison in april 2015. A short glimpse of burning man in the midst of Berlin


a Sunday evening with Elias to provide him with some new portraits

See you next summer

a little trip to the Greek islands with Annika. The high season being over, it was a mystical jouney through a deserted part of the Aegean. Beaches, cities, ferries, it all seemed to be especially made for us

kissing the asphalt

My dear friend, the actor Jule Torhorst after kissing the asphalt. unfortunately I came some days too late to capture the full impact of the event. luckily it wasn't that bad after all...

Into the Mountains

Once you are fascinated by mountains there is no way of losing it. So my friend Jochen and me set of to a little trip to the Hohe Tauern area to get our heads free and our minds clear. What we found was more than astonishing. the first days of our trip we spent visiting an old friend of Jochen's who was in charge of a small mountain cabin coming with cattle and horses. An unforgettable experience at Reggnalm.
The rest of the time we walked the Lassörling höhenweg. you might have seen the pictures in the scapes section of the site

Into the Woods

At the far end of a road leading from Berlin to somewhere else, a group of extraordinary people began to set up their Dream and built themselfes a cozy little refugee

Wannsee issues

Even the most beautifull day can get a mess within the minute. luckily for children of the city, such forces of nature are so exciting that one completely forgets about all the soaked stuff and that filthy feeling between your toes...

Berlin Festival

once in a while treptower Park mutates into a sprawling innercity festivalarea...

on a trotting course

in Mai 2015 i set foot on the trotting course of Marienfelde for a sunnday afternoon race party. Expecting something similar to a classical gallop racetrack like Hoppegarten, with Families sitting in the gras at the side of the racetrack having refreshments and sharing a fieldglas, i learned quite fast that Marienfelde is something very different. Still charming, and lovely but nevertheless something very different. Not to mention that i lost everything that afternoon on two horses named Annekin G. and flower dragon

exploring Spreewald

a lazy summertime weekend with Bernadette Ezra and Mona spent in the magical Forest called Spreewald

Camerata Obscura

beeing in the woods around Berlin again, i had the chance of listening to a fabulous concert of Camerata Obscura, a little Orchestra of parttime musicians performing around the Club Scene of Berlin...and in the woods


a journey to the river nile and the sinai area back in 2009. Long time sleeping in my archives bt now revisited and shown